How Can I Create a Personal Brand?

How do I create a personal brand? 

    • Who are you really? You have to figure out what you want to achieve and then develop yourself (and your brand) to get you there.
      • BRAND TOUCH-POINTS: Every person you meet, every project/assignment you deliver, every email you send, every call you answer, every message you leave – every point of contact you have with your community – personally or digitally – are what makes up your brand.
      • BRANDING YOURSELF: You do this by integrating your brand strategies through your company at every point of public contact. get the knowledge, get the experience, then get the network.
      • BRAND EXPERIENCE: The experiential aspect consists of the sum of all points of contact with the brand and is known as the brand experience.
      • BRAND PERSONALITY: your brand personality is who you are in concert with how you can help people by offering what you’re best at giving
      • BRAND STATEMENT: Who you are and why people should connect with you (hire you/partner with you/interview you).
    • Your branding statement must provide a clear, concise view of your unique set of strengths and tell why you can do it better than anyone else.
    • You need to be able to state clearly and unequivocally why you are different than everyone else, and what services you offer that make you unique and set you ahead of your competition.

About akgranier

- I recently completed my Masters of Business Administration at Lynchburg College in August 2011. - Currently, I am the Marketing Director of Paris Ceramics America where I develop online and print advertisements for national publications (New York Spaces, Elle Décor, LUXE, Architectural Digest, Green Building & Design). - I have participated in five internships throughout my undergraduate experience in New York City, Washington D.C., Mobile and New Orleans. I was recognized as one of the top advertising students in the nation by the American Advertising Federation & awarded an internship with Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide Advertising Agency at their New York City headquarters as part of the 2009 Stickell Internship Program. - I graduated from Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama in May 2010 (3.8 overall GPA, 4.0 in major) as the President’s Scholar (top of class) for Communication Arts. Please connect with me at

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