A NOTE-able Brand

They’re little and they stick — but not too hard. That’s why everyone loves Post-it® Notes! Yet the unique that makes these little notes so indispensable waited more than a decade for its chance to change the world.

Post-it Brand notes include What a simple concept that has become a favorite of every college student – square cubes of yellow paper stuck together with a thin layer of re-adherable adhesive. They’re branding is absolutely marvelous – 1.) They’re always sticky! 2.) They’re perfect for communicating quick notes and memos. 3.) They maintain a popular, classic style as well as variety, variety, variety. 4.) They’re fun and compact. 5.) They’re just plain fun. Like Sharpies, Post-Its are available in different colors, shapes and sizes. The Post-It brand has led to other cool innovations including 3M’s own “Post-it Brand Software Notes,” and Apple’s “Stickies.”

The story behind our favorite sticky paper is quite interesting:

Dr. Spencer Silver, a 3M scientist, discovered the formula for the sticky stuff back in 1968. But it was Silver’s colleague, Art Fry, who finally came up with a practical use for it. The idea for repositionable notes struck Fry while singing in the church choir. His bookmark kept falling out of his hymnal, causing him to lose his page. So, taking advantage of a 3M policy known as the“bootlegging” policy, Fry used a portion of his working hours to develop a solution to his problem. Now the world is singing the praises of his pet project: Post-it® Notes. source

Rebecca Murtaugh is a California artist who uses Post-it notes in her artwork. In 2001, she created an installation in her bedroom using $1000 worth of Post-it Brand notes: She covered the whole room in Post-it Brand notes, using the ordinary yellow for objects she saw as having less value, and neon colors for more important objects, such as the bed. source

You have to admire the creativity that goes into Post-It art:

Finally, I wanted to include some fun facts about Post-It Notes, the product, the founder and the brand:

I also wanted to share some of the advertisements for Post-Its. Each ad appeals to a different target, but the ads are always humorous and always creative. See below.


About akgranier

- I recently completed my Masters of Business Administration at Lynchburg College in August 2011. - Currently, I am the Marketing Director of Paris Ceramics America where I develop online and print advertisements for national publications (New York Spaces, Elle Décor, LUXE, Architectural Digest, Green Building & Design). - I have participated in five internships throughout my undergraduate experience in New York City, Washington D.C., Mobile and New Orleans. I was recognized as one of the top advertising students in the nation by the American Advertising Federation & awarded an internship with Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide Advertising Agency at their New York City headquarters as part of the 2009 Stickell Internship Program. - I graduated from Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama in May 2010 (3.8 overall GPA, 4.0 in major) as the President’s Scholar (top of class) for Communication Arts. Please connect with me at akgranier@gmail.com.


  1. StefanieB

    The first thing I thought of was Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion, when the two claimed to have invented Post-its.

    I like the art pieces! I always love to see those kinds of ordinary objects we use everyday transformed into something creative, kind of like the LEGO art, but different since people do play with LEGOs. However, I have some concerns about the car. She said she uses yellow to mark things that have less value, but the bumper and back passenger door are in yellow, though those things are both very important, say in the case of a crash. If anything, the side windows could be in yellow, maybe the roof, too. Just saying, I think she has her priorities messed up with what’s important in a car. Or she is expressing her dislike of backseat drivers in a rather passive-agressive way. 😛

    It really is amazing how much we use post-its. I actually don’t buy/use them because I find them to be too cluttering, but I get post-its from other people all the time, especially professors and my volunteer supervisor. It’s always interesting to me to see those brands that are sort of like Superbrands because they’ve become so common that their name is used to refer to similar products, like with Q-tips and Kleenex.

  2. lindseypshc

    I love Post-Its! I have a brand new stack right now beside my computer! They have all sorts of gadgets now that you can put them in and they dispense one by one! My dispenser even has this plastic thing on it so that it suctions to the surface so that when I reach for one, I don’t pull the whole stack with me! They think of everything.

    I also never thought to recycle them; honestly I never thought the glue was recycleable, but now that I know, I will need to do so!

  3. ryanjshc

    When I consider all of the companies I would want to work for as an engineer, 3M has always been in my top ten. Whenever I met their recruiters at an engineering conference(who were, mind you, were real life engineers NOT Public Relations representatives like a lot of huge corporations tend to send), their attitudes stood out for me. They were intelligent and appeared to be hard-working individuals, but they clearly loved their jobs. After shaking hands with people all day at a job fair it was refreshing to meet a company that seemed like they actually wanted to be there.

    I loved this post, you had some really interesting facts about something that has silently played a large part in almost all of our lives!

  4. Post its are great. I use them a lot for my sermons. They are small to put little outlines or points so I wont forget. Because of their multiple size options, I am able to have a great selection to use depending on my sermon. I use the small ones to switch between texts so that I can get their quickly. I also like that I can easily carry them around. I used to carry a big bilbe and notebook with my outline. However, the post its and a thin bible is so much more compact. Also post its FORCE me, and others, to get to the point. There is not enough room to give a detailed account. Thus, my sermons are more focused and to the point. I do like the recent new colors and the ones with the lines. Go post its!

  5. heatherbshc

    Post-Its really are a great invention. I always use them–they’re great for organization and reminders. I really loved when they invented the larger Post-Its because I now use them for outlining ideas about papers or creative works.

    I think it’s really amazing that Post-Its have sparked someone’s creativity enough to make Post-It art. Everything has multiple purposes, I suppose. I also didn’t realize that Post-Its were recyclable, although it makes sense because it’s just paper.

  6. annapshc

    post-its have positively inundated our culture. it’s such a familiar and successful brand, and has developed several products in addition to just post-its. i think that somehow this speaks to our disposable society somehow, that we need things like sticky little notes to jot our ideas on and then crumple up. also, i think a lot of the reason why we need little reminders like post-its is because our culture is so distracted nowadays.

  7. Kimberlyn

    I also love post-its. I use at least one everyday. I will hear a song on the radio that I like and then jot in down so I can look it up later. I use it to make to-do lists for work and school. I use them to take notes while reading, and so much more. Post-its are a great brand. Nice work Alyse!

  8. cjmelvin

    What impresses me most about post-its is how simple they are. They serve as a reminder to the millions of people out there looking to come up with the next great invention that simple works. Something doesn’t have to be complex, crazy, and groundbreaking to be successful. Just look at the snuggie. It is basically a glorified blanket with holes for arms.

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