Green products I’ve seen lately

I love the idea of making your own paper, especially from things that are already around. I’ve thought a lot lately about your concept and how cool it would be to market paper products like cards and stationery that are made of high quality, recycled materials that come from the earth, give back to the earth.


It’s a very cool idea – and people  have started to dabble with thegrowing_the_paperconcept, but I think it’s still very niche and not as easy to find locally as you’d think. They’ve done some innovative stuff with this though including message plants, biodegradable wedding invitations and even sprouting business cards. I wonder how much these little ideas catch on, but I love your idea of homemade paper – especially using discarded rags like cotton, linen  and  cotton/paper  blends  are a big  trend right now.  It’s actually allowing brands like Crane and William Arthur to promote their products as  fine quality  paper rather than marketing themselves as eco-friendly or making efforts to use recycled  materials.  I think there’s a lot of room for creative ideas with seeded paper.

Think Green Weddings!


Green Business Cards that can really help you to GROW!


Or to build your brand around the basics of nature like this company – Pregression – I thought their concept was cool:


– n. Development towards an impoved or more advanced condition.


– v. To return to a former or less developed state.

(Oxford English Dictionary: 2003)

This project was my submission for the Progress show which a number of the students from my year set up and hosted in Brick Lane, London. My idea concentrates on getting back to basics, and encouraging people to be more self sufficient. (from website)



I just love talking about green brands and green products. So I thought I’d share a bit of inspiration I came across.


About akgranier

- I recently completed my Masters of Business Administration at Lynchburg College in August 2011. - Currently, I am the Marketing Director of Paris Ceramics America where I develop online and print advertisements for national publications (New York Spaces, Elle Décor, LUXE, Architectural Digest, Green Building & Design). - I have participated in five internships throughout my undergraduate experience in New York City, Washington D.C., Mobile and New Orleans. I was recognized as one of the top advertising students in the nation by the American Advertising Federation & awarded an internship with Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide Advertising Agency at their New York City headquarters as part of the 2009 Stickell Internship Program. - I graduated from Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama in May 2010 (3.8 overall GPA, 4.0 in major) as the President’s Scholar (top of class) for Communication Arts. Please connect with me at

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