It’s LEGO Time!

lego kids

Let’s kick it back to some nostalgic brands that carry with them our enduring love. This classic brand is still alive and popular today. I don’t remember a single thing that I did not try to make out of LEGOs.  Some brands have specific qualities individual only to that product and becomes and distinguishing characteristic of that brand. Crayons have their one-of-a-kind smell – LEGOs make that trademark noise when they are raked back and forth across the floor. I remember my giggles when I would first dig my hands into the noisy, yellow bucket of colorful plastic brick-like pieces.  LEGOs possess a freedom for you to do whatever you want with the very same pieces that last years through your beloved childhood.

lego simple

LEGOs are absolute genius and yet so simple and clean in design. They allow creativity, freedom and innovation to stir in kids, and let’s admit it, some adults too. It can require some serious imagination and critical thinking to build more complex structures. Your creations can be easily broken down to make something new or they can be preserved after construction unlike other classic building materials like Playdough or a house of cards. LEGOs come with building from the instructions, some get extremely elaborate, but I’ve always rathered building something on my own. It’s a playful, expressive and durable toy that can provide loads of hours of fun and memories.

Love it as a kid, still love it as an adult.

nathan sawaya

Fun LEGO Facts:

– LEGO® products are sold all over the globe.
– LEGO® is one of the world’s largest toy manufacturers and the largest in construction toys.
– The world’s children spend 5 billion hours a year playing with LEGO bricks.


Mindblowing LEGO Art


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  1. lindseypshc

    LEGOs are great, sure… but I always went for that oh-so antisubversive Easy Bake Oven! (I know, go figure!) But, the Easy Bake Oven was such a great invention. I made brownies, cakes, you name it, and it was all edible! I think it’s a bit funny that nowadays I love to cook EVERYTHING all the time!

    And how is it that you still have ties to LEGOs?! Just Curious!

    • akgranier

      LEGOs are still around and just as prevalent in the lives of children as over 15 years ago when we were children. LEGO has built a brand that’s as lasting as their products and the fond memories they’ve created. I’m glad you connected with the Easy Bake Oven. You’ve made your choice – you stick by great brands like LEGOs without needing a reason, you’re committed to the brand, its a part of you and your culture. To me, that’s what makes a great brand.

  2. StefanieB

    Wait, we were supposed to STOP playing with LEGOs? …Oops… Seriously, though, a lot of their models are for older kids/adults. There’s just no way an 8 year old is going to be able to understand how to put together the Death Star.

    LEGOs are actually pretty fantastic in that they are a rather unisex toy. Sure, many of the models are more gendered, but just the blocks themselves are not. So if someone wanted to avoid gendering their kids’ toys as well as encourage sharing, they’d just have to buy a giant box of LEGOs. My sister insists that if she has kids, they will mostly be playing with LEGOs (plus, her husband still loves to play with them).

    Of course, LEGOs are quite a bit more expensive nowadays than they used to be. Oh, and if anyone still has some from when they were kids, or better yet, from the 80s or 70s, you should definitely keep them. Those sell for a fair amount online.

    I do very much love LEGOs. They’re so simple, and yet they allow for so much creativity and fun. I don’t understand how some people still collect Barbies into adulthood (and even late adulthood), but to collect LEGO models into adulthood does make sense to me. I know, I’m biased.

    I’ve heard about the LEGO artist, Nathan Sawaya, and seen his work before. His pieces really are incredible. Personally, I’d love to have a giant LEGO animal in my house. His official site has even more pictures of his work.

  3. ProfessorP

    Anyone who loves Lego has obviously not stepped on one in the middle of the night…

  4. heatherbshc

    When I went to Disney World last Christmas, there’s a huge LEGO store (LEGO Imagination Center) in Downtown Disney with LEGO sculptures and life size LEGO giraffes that I loved. My brother was a huge LEGO fan when he was a kid and I remember him always hard at work on some model and once it was complete, he would showcase it on his LEGO table. He was always so proud of his creations.

    While I don’t continue to play with LEGOs, I can definitely see the appeal–and I think that may be the brand’s way of keeping its audience. You can play with LEGOs as a kid and as an adult you can show your creativity with LEGO art, so it’s a brand that stays with you throughout your lifetime. It’s a smart move.

  5. cjmelvin

    In Developmental Psychology we talked about toys like LEGOs. Over the past 20 years, the amount of creative play children engage in has decreased by 94%! Most toys today don’t allow children to play, instead they just mimic. LEGOs are great because it allows children to create whatever is in their imagination. Even when they come in themed kits, children can still create whatever they want with the pieces.

  6. csbronenkamp

    LEGOs were so much a part of my childhood, and like you said, they are a part of many people’s lives. One of the great things about LEGOs is not only do they enable you to follow the instructions and be creative, but you also have the ability to build whatever you want in whatever color, shape, or size you desire. Growing up, my brother and I collected so many LEGOs over time that we had a huge Tupperware bin full of various pieces that had many different sizes and shapes so the skies were the limit. LEGO is the paradigmatic example of a childhood brand that has continued to be a part of many people’s lives for decades.

    I took a tour of LEGO’s website (which is pretty interactive!) and you can pretty much create and order any kind of LEGO creation. It even allows you to create it online with their “Design studio”. What a great brand!

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