One World. One Love <3 – Cause Marketing

Do you have any examples of brands you know that are campaigning to make a difference in their local or global community?

I have a few, check out how these three very different brands are promoting One World. One Love.

One Love – Playing for Change

Dance – Life’s for Sharing (T-Mobile)

 Unicef + Pampers

it's all about one world. one love.

it's all about one world. one love.

More Info on Each of these Brands:

Playing for Change (website) is a multimedia movement created to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music. The idea for this project arose from a common belief that music has the power to break down boundaries and overcome distances between people. No matter whether people come from different geographic, political, economic, spiritual or ideological backgrounds, music has the universal power to transcend and unite us as one human race. And with this truth firmly fixed in our minds, we set out to share it with the world.

I love how T-Mobile’s Life’s for Sharing Campaign, by Saatchi & Saatchi London, used their tagline as message for one voice and global unity that was displayed through this amazing advertising stunt. Also check out more of T-Mobile’s event marketing like Hey Jude – T-Mobile. This T-Mobile video shares with you the moment 13,500 people sang Hey Jude together in Trafalgar Square in London, England. Everyone involved had no idea how the event would unfold. See for yourself what it created.

Finally, Unicef and Pampers teamed up to present 1 pack = 1 vaccine. As part of the commitment through Pampers Village, they have again partnered with UNICEF to help the organization reach its goal of eliminating maternal and newborn tetanus over the next several years. This devastating disease claims the lives of nearly 130,000 newborns and up to 30,000 mothers [1] every year. But it can be prevented. Given to a pregnant woman or a woman of child-bearing age, a series of low-cost vaccines will help protect both her and her newborn for maternal and neonatal tetanus. With the 1 pack = 1 vaccine* program, Pampers will donate the cost of one tetanus vaccine to the U.S.

According to Pampers: “The generosity of parents and other participants in the 2009 North American 1 Pack = 1 Vaccine* program has been astounding. You’ve helped Pampers provide funding for over 31 million tetanus vaccines, helping UNICEF protect mothers and their newborns in less industrialized nations from this devastating disease. We couldn’t have done it without you!”
Cause marketing is a growing practice for brands around the world and in every industry. I love to how brands and people are coming together to make a difference across the world.
Do you have any examples of brands you know that are campaigning to make a difference in their local or global community?

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- I recently completed my Masters of Business Administration at Lynchburg College in August 2011. - Currently, I am the Marketing Director of Paris Ceramics America where I develop online and print advertisements for national publications (New York Spaces, Elle Décor, LUXE, Architectural Digest, Green Building & Design). - I have participated in five internships throughout my undergraduate experience in New York City, Washington D.C., Mobile and New Orleans. I was recognized as one of the top advertising students in the nation by the American Advertising Federation & awarded an internship with Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide Advertising Agency at their New York City headquarters as part of the 2009 Stickell Internship Program. - I graduated from Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama in May 2010 (3.8 overall GPA, 4.0 in major) as the President’s Scholar (top of class) for Communication Arts. Please connect with me at


  1. jackiesshc

    I really love the companies that promote change and making a difference through their products and promotions. I’ve always believed that a smart company would do this. They ahve the power and influence, why not. My favorite is old navy’s (RED). It’s great. We need more companies concerned about using their leverage for change, instead of just greed.

  2. heatherbshc

    One of my favorite brands, Yoplait, teams up with Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure each year to raise money for researching a cure for breast cancer. During the fall in the grocery stores, Yoplait yogurt has pink tops that you can mail in and for every top you donate 10 cents to the cause.

    I really respect companies that team up with a cause to promote making a difference. I know that as a consumer, if the product says that part of the proceeds will go towards some cause/charity, I’m more willing to pay for that product simply because my money will be going to a greater cause.

    • StefanieB

      While Yoplait seems to be legit, according to this article, there are a number of companies that use the pink ribbon (because it is not trademarked) on their products and in their advertising who do not actually donate any money to breast cancer causes, or only donate a very small amount. So it’s important to be wary if you buy things for the pink ribbon (I know I am often swayed by it myself) and read the fine print on the label to see where exactly the money is going and how much really gets donated. The article also talks a bit about how some survivors feel the pink campaign infantilizes them.

      For something a little more positive, Dell plants trees for anyone who pays a dollar or two (or it might be free) at checkout when buying a product off of their website. They also offer to recycle your old computer for five dollars.

  3. lindseypshc

    TOMS!!! TOMS shoes brand is a great company that has a great purpose! They donate one pair of shoes for every one pair purchased to a child in another country that has no shoes. The fact that these kids are unable to afford shoes is a scary thought! There are so many diseases in those areas and their feet are always being cut from walking on branches and rocks! I have 4 pairs! They’re only about $45-$50 depending on your style preference and they are worth EVERY penny!

    • akgranier

      could you try to post your picture again? I’d love for ppl to have a picture to associate with this company’s products. Maybe I could do some more research on them for a future blog.

  4. cjmelvin

    I really respect companies who promote global unity or charitable causes. I think it even makes me more loyal to their brand. People tend to like the idea that they can help someone else by not doing anything different in their everyday life. While some companies approach this type of marketing with the intention of generating revenue, I think others really do care about the world. It’s great to see people with power still working with those who are powerless.

  5. akgranier

    How can companies show more relevance to their consumers that this great cause is important to be a part of? Many brands are facing this barrier to consumers to win their attention to recognize great causes. What can they do to reach you?

  6. csbronenkamp

    In response to your very first line (“Do you have any examples of brands you know that are campaigning to make a difference in their local or global community?”), the paradigmatic “brand” or cause that is campaigning to make a difference in the world is the ONE Campaign. Their slogan is “The ONE Campaign to make poverty history”. This campaign is primarily led by dedicated musicians and actors, such as Bono from U2. I have somewhat of a biased to this cause because I am a huge U2 fan, but I can argue that since there are millions of U2 fans out there, they are definitely making their cause known.

    The one thing I like about the ONE Campaign is that, as Bono states, “We are not asking for your money. We are asking for your voice”. They want you to sign petitions to senators and representatives pleading for various causes such more funding for the impoverished abroad. This campaign along with the ones you mentioned in your post, are definitely benefitting our society ten-fold.

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